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jp 18" lightweight barrel pic request


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Can anyone help me out with a pic of the jp's lightweight 18" barrel...Looking to build a 3 gun rifle and considering this barrel...Also does anyone know with their low pro adjustable gas block will this fit under a troy trx handguard

Thanks in advance


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I tried an older (not sure about the new ones) JP block under a TRX. It did fit, but as mentioned in the link above, it was tight. You can see the rub marks in the picture below. I ended up getting a Syrac GB. IMO, the Syrac GB is superior to the JP in just about every way.





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Yes, the adjustment is easy. The detents on the adjustment screw are solid. Havent had any issues with the screw moving. Dialing it in at the range got a few strange looks though....

Another nice thing about the 15" TRX w/rifle gas and the Syrac GB, the set screws are still accessible with the TRX installed.


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