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Brownells 3 gun case vs. Hardigg/Storm FieldPak


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Does anyone here have experience with Both? the goal is to fit the soft case with a Saiga, AR, and Open Pistol into one soft case and fit the full soft case into a Storm iM3300 or Pelican 1750 for air travel to the large matches. I also hear that Hardigg (Storm/Pelican) makes a "Fieldpak" soft case that is designed for the iM3300 Storm Case. My question is how well do you feel that the weapons are protected? The second part is that the Brownells case looks like it will be more useful at the match. Any opinions? Anyone with experience with the Fieldpak?

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The Brownells case is very nice and both Storm and Pelican make great cases. I would not however feel good about removing the foam from the hard cases and putting my guns in the Brownells case and inserting it into any hard case for airline travel. It would be much better to use both systems as intended. If you ever look out the window and watch them load and unload the plane you will want to put the guns in a Storm case and insert it in a Pelican case and put foam on the outside of that.

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I have experience with both soft cases and I also own a iM3300 hardcase. In my opinion the long guns move around to much for air travel inside either bag in the iM3300. I've tried the Field Pack, the Safariland 3-Gun Competition case and the Brownells 3-Gun bag and was not happy with any of them for air travel with the iM3300.

I bought my iM3300 without foam in hopes that the Field Pack would suffice... Now I've got an even better option. Check out the pic, This is what I'll have very soon for air travel to 3-Gun matches. I'll just throw the Safariland bag on top of the guns inside the iM3300 and be ready when I get to the match. Contact Paul at paul@pelicanarmory.com to discuss your particular custom foam insert needs. Be sure to tell Paul Sacramento Black Rifle sent ya :cheers:


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