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Once again Dillon comes through

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I had ordered some springs for my 650 and of course I ordered the wrong ones first. And second I lost a spring that flew while disassembling my press. I hated to spend another 10.00 for shipping but I bit the bullet and ordered the lost spring and the one I mis-ordered. In the mail today was a package from Dillon and on the back said " With our compliments". Free shipping and free springs. WOW I was once again impressed and wanted to spred the word about the best, bar none, reloading company in business.


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As always their customer support is awesome.

-- Bill --

Yes, the best. I have a handle on the way for my (>35k) 9mm SDB to replace the broken one, and the new style brass bushings to replace the older/worn plastic ones on my (~10k) .45acp SDB. Both my SDBs are original (i.e. old school), and all the parts that have broken over the years have been redesigned to be more robust.

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