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Great Deal On Equipment


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Ah yes, I was going or order 5 of them for the free shipping. It seems they have a return policy as well but no phone number to speak to someone.

I have never known anyone who has done business with them but things like no toll free contact info etc make me cautious.

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The list the Safariland 007 holster, also. I am pretty sure that is a discontinued model. The prices seems good, but I'd want to speak to someone to make sure they actually have what you want, and to make sure it at least seems like a legit business. If you buy from them report back with your impressions.

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Well, you guys scared me straight. I found this deal instead:


For $12.50 more, I get free shipping, a toll free number and a reputable dealer. I am sure glad I got you guys on my side. :cheers:

Thanks for the advice.

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