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Help me design my Limited gun for 2013!


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Hey all,

So I've been shooting IDPA for a long time, and have been shooting USPSA the last few years. I've been a full-time SS shooter since the get go. I also shoot a lot of static steel matches locally, steel challenge, and 3 gun. I'm looking to have a one do-all gun that I can piece or part out, save up, and have built before next season starts. While I do love the 1911 platform, I have shot a production M&P to good effect. Basically, I'm tired of all the standing reloads and being one of only a few SS shooters at a match, so I want to start into a bit more high speed.

I'm also young, so my eyes still work... No OPEN for me quite yet :cheers:

What I'm trying to figure out is, what would be your idea of a dream 2011 for Limited, Steel challenge, and 3 gun? I know it won't be used in IDPA so that doesn't matter. I'm really thinking about loading 40, so I can make major. I would like a decent idea for a set up that won't break the bank, and will be good enough for all these different shooting sports. I figure I can load a minor load for steel and 3 gun, and will run major for USPSA. Other than that, I'm tired of always switching gear around on my belt and having to count to 8.

I've already been through the gallery, and have some ideas. So what would you do, starting from a blank canvas, to kick ass in 2013?

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If you like shooting the m&p and want to keep costs down you can go with a m&p pro in 40 and get some base pads and you will be set up. Me ive been shooting limited with a glock 35 for a couple of years and im now waiting on my cheely limited 5" long dust cover to be built.

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id shoot the gun that I shot all 2012, because I am used to it, and i know a new fancy gun aint going to mean jack squat if I dont practice.

that said, coming into limited, find a good used 2011 platform in 40sw so you can shoot it for a while and know first hand what youll want in a full blown limited gun.,

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