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Front sight height questions


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Hey all

So I bought a dawson FO font sight and adjusable rear for my 17. I love them. I picked up a 35 recently and want to replace the sights. I think it makes sense to get the same set so I only have to learn the one sight picture. Question is, should I get the same height, or a slightly different height. I'm thinking because I am getting the adjustable rear, I can make up for the cal and sight radius differences. Anyone have any input?


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thanks for the input guys. I ended up going with the sane height as on my 17, .285. I tend to shoot low so I got the shorter recommended height.

Chet, ill prolly end up taking dawson up on that with my 1911. I had my milspec machined to fit a dove tail but I'm not a fan of the one the gunsmith used. And he put the wrong rear sight on. lol, that's for a different day and forum though.

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I switched to a thinner sight that Dawson doesn't make...

Keep in mind, if there's a sight we don't make, give us a call and we'll be more than happy to make what you need.


Good to hear. I'll definitely keep that in mind although in this case I sort of wanted it ASAP and I found out Ameriglo is local to me and had it in stock.

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Well, the rear sight I bought it with has been removed (heinie), the previous owner or whomever put that sight on did not want it to move at all! Had to hit it more than I would have liked to get it to slide out. So the dawson adjustable is fit and looking good. I put the front sight on and... it overhangs the slide cut out. <_<

I thought I read somewhere that they don't? I should have looked into that a little more though. I didn't really want it to overhang b/c, imho, it looks dumb. The front sight that was on it previously overhung a ridiculous amount and I didn't like it.


Did I just imagine I read that and they have always overhung, or did I do / am doing something wrong, or did they change it recently.


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Got the .245 but never checked POI. It seemed to be pretty good. Well, I checked a couple of weeks ago and it shoots about 1 1/2" low at around 12 yards. Just got a .225 and still a touch low. Will try the .215 next

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