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Mike Lyons here, formally active in USPSA (A-21336). I use to be a member and shot at Rio Salado, Mesa, AZ for many years. I miss seeing some of my old shooting buddies. Truthfully, I got out of the game after the 1995 Limited Gun Nationals when I realized that I was too slow to compete except at the local club level. I did manage to finish 3rd, D class and I have the small piece of etched glass to prove it! I still have all of my gear, although some of it has been superceded by the advancment of technology I am sure.

I am considering selling one of my competition guns. I have a fully customized "Chuck Rogers" built Para,P-14 .45 caliber w/six high-cap mags. Gun and mags are hard chromed and the rig has low milage (about 4,000 rounds). I would like to get a fair price for it and I would love it to wind up in the hands of someone who would use it well for the next 10 or 20 years. Any recommendations about how best to sell her would be appreciated.


Mike Lyons


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