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Another Which Powder Should I Use


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Ok here is my situation. I just got a M&P pro in .40. I will be using it for my USPSA (Limited) and steel matches from here on out. Up until now I have been reloading my 9mm for USPSA (Production) and for steel with titegroup. I've also been reloading for my 45 XD tactical with the titegroup. I don't use that gun for gun games. So for the most part I am going to be needing a major and a minor load for the M&P while keeping the OAL the same. From what I have read I am going to need 2 different powders for the best results. I also load either plated or FMJ, no lead. Now I wouldn't say money is no object but the priciest powders are out of my range. VV as an example is too pricey and I don't have local access to it. I am also not looking to get the cheapest powder either. Something midrange would be perfect. Oh and I use 180 grain boolits.

So... #1 Should I continue with loading the .45 and 9mm with titegroup and get a totally different powder for the 40

#2 Is there something that is good for everything across the board and then say another powder for 40 major?

#3 Is there a powder that is good for both 40 major AND minor?

Sidenote. I just bought some WST to play around with. Good for 40 minor right?

Thanks for any help in advance guys

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You already have a great powder for .40 major/minor with Titegroup. Have you been loading jacketed, lead or what? If you're planning to load lead for the .40 and you're already accustomed to the smoke, then Titegroup will work. Otherwise I would look into other powder options. WST will work pretty well with lead.

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VV 320 in 9mm, 40S&W and 45 ACP.

Clean burning and works great from minor to major loads.

People say it is more expensive but for consistency and ease of cleaning it is worth to me.

I am pretty lazy, I find one powder and load that works. With VV have not changed the loaded over many many different lots of powder.

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I use WST for my lead minor load and I am working on WSF for my lead major load. If you shoot fmj then you should be able to make major with WST and a 5" barrel, just find out your max oal to can use and increase your powder up slowly. I know a guy that only used to shoot with M&P40 4.25 and shoot major using WST, but I never could get him to give me his final load data, he gave me a starting and just told me to work up from there. I will see if I can find it, but I think that I lost it last year when my computer crashed.

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To find the right charge for your particular pistol, load about 20 rounds with the tightgroup with three different charges of powder about .2 or .3 different starting at the min load in the manual. You will find that your pistol with shoot a better group with one or maybe two of the charges.

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