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650 case feeder on 550B

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I was discussing maybe getting a 650 with the case feeder for .38's and selling my 550B, he said I should check into whether the 650 case feeder has an adapter that would fit the 550B and I could keep the 550B for 44-40 and .45 acp and use it with the 650 case feeder.

Does anyone know if they have such an adapter? I wouldn't think so since they make a case feeder for the 550B.

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Does the 550 use the same head as the 650 case feeder, just totally different hardware? I was thinking if I were to get a case feeder for my 550 and eventually got a 650 could most of the money of a new case feeder be saved by just getting new hardware? Actually a friend told me to ask that, my feeling is that it wouldn't be worth the effort and expense.

For now I am seeing what kind of production I get out of the 550 I have. Also once my wife finds out how much shooting even with loading my own costs, she is going to have a fit! With the brass I have I figure it is about 15 cents a round when I buy case bullets. I do cast my own, but it is very time consuming.

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