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sig pro in IDPA?


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anyone run a sig pro sp2022 in 9mm in IDPA SSP? thoughts?

my only weapon at the moment, is why i am curious. soon as i snatch up some mags and holsters ill be in the first match i can!

also random side question: are spectators allowed at IDPA matches? seems like a dumb question, but hey.

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I used an 2022 for a short time. The majority of first shots in IDPA are pretty close so the double action trigger pull shouldn't be a big deal. And even if it's a tight shot, so what? I shoot a revolver now and don't feel the trigger is "holding me back." I liked the 2022 but had to sell it because I pinched my palm on almost every reload. The grip is shorter than, say, a P226 and it didn't fit my hand well. I wouldn't bother with a DAO only model (the "fire control module" can be changed for DAO) and would only shoot it in SSP where it makes the most sense.

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