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Me . . . and my Shadow


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I wanted to thank all of you for the great information, and for answering my annoying questions about CZ triggers, etc.

After selling my Glock set-up more quickly and easily than I thought, I was able to purchase a Shadow from CZ Custom this week. Only had a chance to put a few rounds through it today, but I'm really happy with it.

Burningsquirrels, a "welcome to the dark side" of Prod would not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

I can't resist asking a couple more annoying questions, though. The SA pull on the gun is amazing, but the DA is a little heavier than I recall (from putting a few rounds through one at a match last month). Does the DA lighten up / smooth out a little with use? Also, is there a "break in" period with Shadows?

Thanks again!

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it wil smooth out to some degree, or change out the mainspring with a lighter one.

I am guessing you are running about 7.75# on the DA and about 3.75# on the SA .

OH..and welcome to the CZ addiction. There is never just one. :)

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"Welcome to the BRIGHT side of Production Division!!" :roflol::devil::devil::devil::cheers:

Both the SA and DA pulls will get smoother with use. The only thing I do is put in a 10 lb recoil spring and 13 lb hammer spring into any CZ. However, I haven't bought or handled a brand new one, only used ones. I am shooting a box-stock SP-01 non-shadow with just those two springs changed and different sights, it shoots great!

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I currently have two shadows from CZ Custom. One is almost brand new, with about 200 rounds through it. The other is about 5 months old, and just passed the 4,000-round mark. I would say the one that is more used is noticeably smoother in double action.

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Bsquirrels & eerw. I pulled the trigger after 6 months of everyone putting up with me. I bought the spo1 custom with out the FPB. It will be on its way monday.

Thanks to you all.

Ray . HBG Pa.


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