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What happened with me and Precision Delta


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Felt I had to say something about this. A couple of weeks ago I placed an order for 2000 9mm bullets. They came in pretty quick and when I opened them up they were the wrong kind. HP's instead of FMJ. It was totally my fault not their's. I just had a senior moment and ordered the wrong stuff. Called em up and asked if I sent them back could they exchange them for the ones I had meant to order in the first place, I'd be glad to pay the shipping. She was super nice and said she would send a call tag so they could be picked up and send the other bullets out, I didn't owe them a thing. Now guys that's service. I'll be a customer for a long time. Thanks for listening. Gabe

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Right before New Years I ordered 12,000 from them. When I got the order, 5,000 of it was wrong. They had sent HP not FMJ. I called and talked to them, they sent return shipping labels and shipped out the correct order as soon as the return hit the post office. They went as far as to include an extra thousand bullets for the inconvenience. I was very happy with their customer service. They were all over their packaging mistake and they've got a good product at a good price. I've placed a half dozen orders with them, this was the only time their was an issue.

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And that's how you attract and KEEP customers.:cheers:


Absolutely. Precision Delta is a step above on customer service.

Had a problem with ONE shipment from them---USPS lost it. A

60+ lb flat rate box of bullets GONE. USPS totally worthless

on replacement/reimbursement. PD sent me another order, at their

expense, no questions asked. THAT is service.

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