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4" Ruger GP100

Cy Soto

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I was under the impression that some of the Ruger GP100 revolvers were not IDPA legal because they have 4.20" barrel and IDPA has a 4.00" barrel length limit. I was recently told that the GP100 has some models that comply with this 4.00" barrel length limit but these are only their CA & MA Compliant models.

Is this really the case or is there a dispensation to allow the 4.20" GP100 in IDPA?

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GP100 is fine for SSR.

From the IDPA Rulebook:

6. Stock Service Revolver Division (SSR)

Handguns permitted for use in this division must be:

A. Any revolver of .38 Caliber (.357” or larger) or larger that

utilizes ammunition with a rimmed case and is not reloaded

with a full moon clip.

B. Barrel length of 4.2” or less (as measured from the front of

the cylinder).

C. Have a maximum unloaded weight of 42 oz.

D. Be loaded to the division capacity of six (6) rounds in the

cylinder. Seven (7) and eight (8) shot revolvers are permitted,

but may only load six (6) rounds.

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Ahhh so the max barrel length is 4.20". Thank you for the info!


You may be mixing into the confusion a Canadian issue that a 4" revolver bbl is illegal in Canada. The 4.2" bbl that Ruger makes meets the legal minimum in Canada.

I've seen inventory pages that suggests S&W now makes a legal 4.2" bbl for sale in Canada???

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