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I found out last week that my friend Lance’s mother Maria passed away on December 7. Lance died in a motorcycle accident in 1999, and I had kept in touch with his mom ever since (see my "Tribute and Remembrance" post in this forum). I last spoke with her in November of 2011; we were planning to get together so I could help her sell some more of Lance’s knives (she still has a lot of his stuff in her house). Sadly, that was not to be, as she got really sick in November and her health went downhill pretty rapidly from there.

In the last couple of years, she had beaten back cancer (see “Prayers For Maria” post in Injured Reserve), and was planning to go on a second round-the-world cruise. Unfortunately, she had some financial hard times (just like everybody else!), and did not make the trip. She was an avid traveler most of her life, and her son had definitely inherited that trait from her.

Losing her son was the worst thing that ever happened to her, I’m sure. Yet she maintained a positive outlook, strong faith, and a deep devotion to his memory. Lance was a master diver and underwater photographer-there is a little dive flag over his grave. Every week, Maria would go to the cemetery and take the flag down on the day the groundskeepers remove all the old flowers, etc. so it wouldn’t get thrown away. Every week, she would put it back the next day.

Maria was a very kind, sweet lady, but one thing about her which will always stand out in my mind is her faithfulness. She had a very strong trust and faith in God, and was devoted to her family and friends. You might say she embodied “Semper Fi” (“Always Faithful”) in her own way.

I feel bad that we didn’t get to visit during the recent holiday season, and that I learned of her passing so late. Beyond that, I feel at peace with it. She is no longer in any pain, she no longer has financial worries, and she is reunited with her son and all the other loved ones who went before her.

I suspect they will have a lot to talk about.

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