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Howdy folks,

Back again after a few month of practice - many thanks for your comments last time.

Just hoping I could get some feedback on a recent match (plus some extra stages I found in the video camera). We don't have too many experienced shooters where I live, so I really appreciate any advice you're willing to share.

Thanks in advance. Any help/observations/insults (ok - maybe not insults) are greatly appreciated! :bow:

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You need to work on moving more aggressively. All movements. Hand speed to the gun during the draw, hand speed while reloading. Foot speed while running from one position to the next. Transition speed from one target to the next.

All of your movement seem like a half hearted attempt to be aggressive. Change it up so you are moving with 100% effort and aggressiveness.

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You're doing a good job with knowing your courses. I didn't see you hunting for targets are having to adjust possitions once you were in them. You're points are good, so you're also doing a good job of shooting your sights.

Charlie is right though. This sport has way more to do with efficient motion than with raw shooting. 80% of all shooters time is spent doing something other than actual shooting. Movement, draws, reloads, transitions, target acquisition, front sight acquisition, acceleration, deceleration... Points are good, time is bad. You have a monkey for your avatar... well it's time to let the monkey out of its cage. I'm not talking about shooting faster, I'm talking about digging deep and doing everything humanly possible to get and keep your pistol running. If your gun isn't running, you should be. You have tons of time hidden in your routine between the shooting.

Your recoil management appears a little inconsistent. Sometimes your muzzle stays pretty flat, while other times, your muzzle hops around a littl more. Consistency of recoil management translates into better front sight tracking and you can't shoot any faster than you can see your sights.

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The others guys covered some good points, but I'll take it a "step" further. In most positions, when you set up, your center of mass is too far back. In otherwords, you have most of your weight on your heels instead of the balls of your feet. The heels have almost no muscle control and so to get moving, you have to shift your weight forward so that the balls and toes can accelerate your body. This is slowing your movement, transitions and recoil control. Also, your footwear is a hindrance. I can see and hear the rigidness of the base of your shoes, this is also contributing to the slower footspeed, and entrance and leaving postions. If you have planks on your feet, you can not explode out of a position.

Get some more pliable shoes, maybe an indoor and outdoor set. Practice rapid magazine dumps with most of your weight on the balls of your feet. If you change your stance to be more weight forward and aggressive, it will significantly help with the issues the others pointed out.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and advice with me - I really appreciate it.

I'll work on pushing harder and taking a more aggressive attitude and stance. Sounds like I need a new pair of shoes, too.

Thanks again gents, much appreciated. :cheers:

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