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Is this a "BS" target?


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I shot a match today. I designed a stage for the match. I used 11 metric targets, six mini poppers and 1 steel plate. Two of my metric targets had a 1.5-inch-wide strip of hard cover vertically down the center of the main A zone and lower C and D zones. I arrived today at the match and was somberly informed by the more experienced designers who run the match, that the target design was, shall I say, a poor one. I was told it would "never be allowed at a level 2 match." I was told to "think about the new shooters." I was told it is a "bs target design." My responses were that the targets were 12- and 23-foot shots, and that the targets test a shooters control of their sight picture/ target alignment at speed. This entire exchange bothered me because I LIKE these targets but I recognize that I might be wrong about their validity. I'd like to hear from a broader USPSA audience. Below are photos of both targets in the stage. You can plainly see the limit lines defining how close you can get to each target. What say you?



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I also like it. You're making a presentation that stimulates thought and an atypical response. Bad guys aren't know for intelligence so a tether ball pole might make sense for hard cover in a pinch.

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Evil, but legal. By painting or taping the portion of the target deemed to be hidden

by hard cover a single and visibly contrasting color.

4.2.5 Hard Cover (and overlapping no-shoots) must not completely hide the

highest scoring zone on a partially hidden paper target. The minimum

requirements are specified in Appendix B.

Just tell them it's a guy standing behind a B-Pillar. :roflol:

The only problem I see is consistence, and that can be dealt with.


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When I put a stage together where I'm not sure about legality, I look it up before it ever goes to ground. Then when I get those comments I respond with "show me the rules". I feel like if they can challenge me on them they can read them themselves. I'm open to being wrong (and have been frequently). But shooter's are as responsible to know the rules as any other match official.

In fact, in my next match I plan to have a steel no shoot in front of a texas star. I expect to get "there's no scoring border. that's not legal". My response will be "show me that in the rules". But I have also checked 4.1.3 myself and know the answer before they do. I feel like they can look it up and learn something themselves.

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I ran the all blacked out but the a-zone target at a Level-III match. Actually, the whole stage was 15 or so of those targets.

Our local MD ran your stripe at our Level-I match...except he had more than one stripe.

You just gave me an evil idea. One stripe down the center of the a zone. 1 stripe in the C zone on each side along the A perf.

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