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reloads for 9mm and .40 pros


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I am going to use Montana Gold bullets for my 9mm production and .40 limited.

Is anyone else currently using them? If so which are you using and what is your recipe? I did not see a list of recommended min loads to go off of.



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Bullet: 9mm MG 124 FMJ or Zero 124 FMJ

COL: 1.160 / 1.165

Charge: 4.8 W231

Primers: WSP

Brass: Fed / Win / Speer / R-P / Fiocchi / Blazer / CCI

I use it on steel. It runs a carbine and a half dozen pistols.

I haven't chrono'd this loading in the M&P but it should be about 1000 ft/s.

Note: this load is from a Hodgdon manual - its not a starter load; I worked up to it.

Use less powder if you don't load this long.

You also need a good taper crimp.

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MG 124 grain JHP

4.1 grains VV N320

1.140" OAL

Federal SPP, Federal Brass

~131 PF

Out of my 9 Pro. It's essentially the same load I was running in my G17 before, but shorter and with a bit less powder thanks to the added barrel length.

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Anyone have input on .40?

I use 4.1-ish of n320 under 165 grain fmj (montana gold or zero). this just barely makes minor pf, around 127 on average in testing so far. I'm in the process of sanding my pro-auto-disk measure until it makes about 130.

Under the same bullet, I also use 3.2 or 3.3 of clays, which conveniently also just barely makes minor pf in the same auto-disk setting, so sanding that hole larger should benefit either powder.

all chrono has been shot out of a cz75. I haven't yet chrono'd them out of my m&p

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I use a 9 Pro for Production and a 40 Pro for limited.

9mm Zero or Montana 124 with 4.0g Titegroup at 1.150 minor load

.40 Zero 165 with 5.0g Titegroup at 1.135 major load

.40 Zero 180 with 4.6g Titegroup at 1.135 major load

.40 Zero 165 with 4.0g Titegroup at 1.135 minor load

.40 Zero 180 with 3.7g Titegroup at 1.135 minor load

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I shoot 160 grain bayou bullets in my 9 pro with 3.3 grains of bullseye at 1.15. No primer flow observed in the spend casings. it cronos around 850 fps which is a 136 power factor. My bunny fart round is very easy to shoot and actually very accurate.


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