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20 v 12 guage


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Let me start off by saying I'm older than dirt, have had both shoulders rebuilt, a cervical fusion ( got some dead guys bone and a Ti plate and screws) so shooting anything with more recoil than say a 308 becomes bothersome. Just trying to explain I've got physical limits I'm not a wuss! I have a couple 12g's for the house but was thinking of trying 3 gun.... how handicapped would I be with a 20.

Any idea's toward building a 20??

my thanks in advance.

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When talking tube guns, the 20s and 12s, kick about the same since the 20s are lighter.

Don't know what division you are planning on shooting, however overall the shotguns that are best suited to injuries and muscle fatigue are the box fed shotguns such as the Adkal and Saiga. The operating systems result in recoil that is along the lines of an 1100, which is pretty soft shooting. The outfront weight is much less as well.

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what kind of 12ga guns did you have? For shotguns the heavier the gun, the less the recoil. Another thing that helps is gas gun over recoil operated. Light 1oz loads work well in the 12ga as well. A good 1100 which is a heavier gas operated gun with 1 oz loads and a good recoil pad will go along way in your shooting comfort. the benelli is light, recoil operated and typically needs a little hotter loads to cycle. I have a 1100 that will spit out 1oz and 7/8 oz loads all day long

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