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Sight combination


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it is a personal thing, some like it because they can see the color, others have gone back to black like I have on mine, but just installed red FO for the wife.

Nice thing is if you get a FO and end up thinking it is too distracting, a black marker will cover it up.

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Not all FO's are the same, I had a tru-glo and now have a warren tactical, the size difference is dramatic between the two, the warren is more precise feeling with a .20 rod that you can somewhat adjust the size of the dot by how big of blob you create, whereas the tru-glo is around 1/8". The taller, cleaner post of the warren also feels better.easier to pick up

Very best,


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I use the Warren/Sevigny rears with the Sevigny F/O front on my 34 and 24. I use Heine rear and Dawson f/o fronts on my 22 and on my .22 conversion... For all practical purposes, they give me the same sight picture... I was experimenting when I started out, and that is why I tried 2 different manufacturers/combos.

I found that when I was pushing too fast, I would bury the F/O in the sight channel, therefore shooting low... If you seach for my posts, you will find the solution I came up with. I painted the post under the F/O bright green. This gives me both red and green, and really cathes my eye in all conditions.

You can also get "creative" when melting in the F/O, and you can make a nice large "bubble" on the shooter's side of the sight.

I just put the Trijicon HD Night Sights on my 17 (carry gun) and I must say, they are great! I went with the orange front, and it really pops.... I will be using this combo in an upcomming GSSF match, so that will be the real test of how they work.

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I use a red fiber optic front and a black serrated Dawson rear on most of my Glocks. This works better for me than any of the other combo's I have tried. Fiber optics in the back sight slowed me down (too much to look at) without any real accuracy advantage. The bedside model has tritium front and back.

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