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Load Ideas for Bayou 147s and Titegroup or Univ Clays


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9mm Bayou Bullets 147s load data needed for Titegroup (Universal Clays).

I have been using HS-6 with Donnie's Miculek's 147s and have been very happy. However I am running very low. I would just buy more, but I do have one pound of Titegroup and one pound of Universal Clays. I am thinking I should load it up and use it rather than let it sit while I buy more HS-6.

I understand the Clays may be best saved for shotgun use, but any loads for Titegroup will be appreciated. I will be using these in my 9mm (Luger) CZ 75B? I just got it by the way, and can't wait to get to the range!


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