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Anybody using HK417/417 drum style iron sights?


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Hi all,

Yeah, I am referring to these sights here:


It doesn't say that the drum has its aperitures calibrated for any one particular caliber/load.

It looks like the front is adjustable at least for elevation, so theoretically, maybe you could have the 100 yard aperiture dialed in for 200, since there isn't a whole lot of drop with .223 going from 100 to 200, then wishful thinking on my part, maybe the 200 peep would jive with the 300 drop, so and so forth???

I guess HK has a civilian version of their 416 that they call the MR223.

I also notice that Sig Sauer has a "rotary diopter sight":


What say you?

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currently being here in southern Illinois, there isn't much to choose from as far as actual ranges that have bays past 100 or 200 yards. IIRC, the last time I sighted in irons on my AR it was right on at 50 yards and again smack right on at 200 yards. so I have never had to dial anything up or down in my scope or come up so many clicks of elevation on my rear iron sight, especially on the clock.

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