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New Range Officer, have a couple of questions


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Hi all,

After digging around I finally found a Range Officer for a decent price, so now I have my first 1911. I'm pretty thrilled.

As soon as I get my vision issues hammered out (working with an Optometrist who's a serious shooter) I'm thinking about trying some match shooting.

I know a few of you have the RO and I was wondering if you could give me some advice! It's my first .45 ACP as well.

1. I want some extra mags -- any suggestions? I'm not too impressed with the supplied ones :rolleyes:

2. I'm sure I will end up reloading, but until then, any suggestions for target 230 gr ammo to try? My neighbor sold off his 45 ACP and gave me a couple of boxes of WWB 230GR HP, but I think I saw somewhere that it is better to start the pistol off with FMJ.

3. I am likely going to have to replace the front sight, optometrist is suggesting a FO (and I will likely do this on my XDM), I'm a bit hesitant to do this on the RO. Any other ideas? Is it a straightforward thing for a decent gunsmith?

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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I am using Wilson 47D and CMC Power 8 Mags with great success. Also I replaced my front sight myself with a Dawson FO sight. Easy peasy. Just make sure you get the one for a SA Cut. Dave Dawson has a video showing how to replace it. The other thing I did was added a Techwell TGO Magwell and Skateboard tape to the frt strap. Awesome shooter you will be very happy with it. Good Luck and welcome aboard.

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I will throw my suggestion out for Wilson 47d's. I bought mine here, from Brian. Wilson has great mags and a great warranty too. I had a couple that wouldn't drop free after awhile, I sent them back and they shipped new ones to me. I let them know that they were well used and that I had no expectation that they replace them but they sent me new ones anyway.

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Before you start switching things you need to shoot it and the type of matches your thinking about,you may not need to do anything. Don't get caught up in I need this and that without shooting it for awhile since this is your first 1911. I found most shooters will be willing to let you shoot their gun to try out what they have. spend the extra cast on ommo for now.

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Thanks for the welcome guys -- since I'm a woman who shoots I don't have too many like-minded buddies to discuss this stuff with. Most of my friends are *horrified* by this hobby of mine. <_< It's nice to be able to share my enthusiasm a bit, even over the 'net!

I'm going crazy this morning trying to re-arrange all my Sunday errands so I can try this firearm out!

OK, I've lurked here quite a bit and have gone through Brian's store countless times as I plan for my future reloading (absolutely going to reload .45, Sarge -- been collecting brass constantly.) But I never realized he sold the Wilson 47ds. Duh. Going to order 3 today!

Yes, I am a little reticent about changing the front site right away. I'm going to try it stock, *might* add a dot of paint to help acquisition and then see how I do. I'm right-handed and left-eye dominant (and wear progressives) so I have challenges to work through. Oh well, just means more lead downrange. Darn. :cheers:

You know, Sarge, I hadn't even considered buying reloads -- thanks for the idea!

And holsters for women are no fun at all, though since this is by no means meant for CCW (I'm laughing at the thought, I'm about 5'3" and 115, good luck with that). I finally bought a Crown Kydex OWB (for my XDm) that works well. But I will probably try leather for the 1911. Or maybe lined Kydex. Want to try to be nice to my new firearm.

Very excited, as you can tell.

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On magazines, I would say that I have great Success with Tripp Research COBRA Magazines. I have found they out last my Wilson 47D's and ETM's I find they seat easier when loaded to 8 rounds. They always lock back with the Hybrid Follower. Have had zero failures with my COBRA's. I have seen 47D's break the base pads of if they hit just right.

Have fun with your new Pistol. I echo the idea of shoot the pistol before changing anything. I switched back from a fiber front sight back to using fishing lure paint in a nice fluorescent GREEN. I have found the best result is to paint a base coat of white on the sight let it dry and then a thin coat of green.

Good Luck.

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I've been using Chip McCormick 8-round Power Mags in my Springfield TRP, no complaints.

Before you replace the sight you may want to try painting it different colors to see what you prefer. I went with a white base coat and fluorescent orange top coat. Paint, fingernail polish, even White Out will work temporarily.

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