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Sorry Luke...I'll get teary when they name one Danger ;)

Congratulations dude! :cheers:

Member Cryptoprocta (dang that name is hard to spell) Dr. Luke Dollar getting recognized for his research efforts with the Madagascar predator the Fosa....or Fossa. Zoo names new baby for him. Be sure to watch the video.


Just goes to show you we can hug trees and aspire to dominate three gun at the same time!


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not sure about the 'deadliest carnivore' part.

I think that's only in regard to Madagascar. It is the top pred of the island.

And yes they were the bad guys in the disney films...and in a lot of the local lore as well. Some think if you are good you will come back as a lemur, if bad a Fosa. I'd rather be a Fosa anyway :D

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