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EOTech reticle


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EOTech came out with a new reticle something they call CQB-TDot for Brownells. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=45367/Product/BROWNELLS-CQB-T-DOT?sp_rid=MjM3MDQyMjI5NzYS1&sp_mid=3914973

Then I started looking on their website I found this reticle. Has anyone seen either one.


also what is the most Popular reticle

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For 3 gunnin there wouldn't be a lot of times you would need anything more than the single dot. Maybe some of the larger major matches, but local matches don't usually go past 300-350 yards.

The local match in my area only goes to 300.

That zombie stomper reticle is way too busy for me.

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I shot the first sample we got in. The T is right on at 7yds with my 55 grain, 193s, sighted for 50/200 yds, still a bit low at 3 and 5. 2nd dot works for 10 yards. Haven't shot it for distance but like the others, I can usually just aim at the top of the target out to 300-350 and hit - well, assuming I don't yank the trigger or close both eyes, sneeze, fart or whatever today's excuse is. The T-Dot is exclusive to us for a while. $549.99. Comes with a quick release base which sits a bit higher than the non-QD models (7 or 8mm if I remember right)

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Larry has it pegged...the 2nd dot is as much of a close range reference as it is a long range. The second dot will probably come into play at 15-20yds depending on zero, but this one will vary and need to be verified with your load and zero--The angle at which bullet path and LOS are converging is more variable at this distance with typical zeros.

This avoids arbitrary holdover for those pesky close range head shots, etc.

Even if you're not shooting out to 500, the second dot gives you a reference for your holdover distances between your zero and 500. It does work best with a magnifier, but I find it very useful even without.

And, actually, EoTech didn't come up with it...Brownells came up with the reticle for a partnered product with EoTech. We've got a lot of things like this in the works...taking staff experience and customer feedback to create new products and applications with a purpose.


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