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M1S90 24 inch Barrel Advice....


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Hey all,

I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with a 24 inch barrel. I have been wanting to swap it out for a 21 inch barrel but have some questions. If I am able to find a 21 inch barrel it will likely be from an M2. If so, will there be any issues with the other components on my M1 like the forearm? Will the M2 barrel drop in without mods? What about adding a mag extension later, would there be any problems if it is an M2 barrel?

I am not a competitive shooter by any means. I don't use my M1 now and think it would be better served as an HD gun with a shorter 21 inch barrel. I wish Benelli stuff wasn't so darn expensive and I could just buy a spare barrel, but that ain't gonna happen when a single barrel is priced at almost $500.

Lastly, I see that they have a 3 gun model now with a 21 inch barrel. I am assuming that is an M2, correct? Do you think the intro of a 21 inch barrel version would likely increase the availability of 21 inch barrels for those out there like me that are looking for one?

Thanks for the help.


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I would stay with the 24" barrel, myself. I have used 18.5", 21", and 24" barreled M1 and M2s and I like the 24" guns with a +6 tube. I can't tell much difference between a 21 and a 24. Personally, I wouldn't spend money to get a 21 if I already had a 24, your opinion may differ. I would imagine that you could find someone willing to trade barrels with you, especially if you wanted a shorter barrel (18.5" Ghost Ring or 19" Rifle Sight). I have only shot one stage where I thought a shorter gun would have helped my time, and it was not a house clearing stage.

As far as 21" barreled guns go, Benelli has been selling them for a while, so with the advent of the 3gun model, the barrels will probally be even harder to come by.

Just my $.02


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