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Bulge in .38 load


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I recently ran my first load of .38 through my dillon 550. I did not set the resizing/depriming die low enough and got a bad bulge in almost all of my bullet casings. Of course I did not notice this until I had completed 100. Question is, can I resize them through the bulge buster or something similar, or do I need to take them apart and start from scratch?

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I left a bulge in my 40 rds but mine were not sever at all. I could see it and feel it. They chambered and shot fine. After I reset my die the brass came out fine. But the wise thing to do is tear them back down and reuse the projectiles and brass and your only out 5-8 bucks on primers and powder. It's cheaper than replacing the gun or worse

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Have you tried adjusting the resizer die to its proper position and then unscrewing and removing the decapper? I would think you could run the completed rounds through and get rid of the bulge.

Not a good idea. Your going to end up sizing the bullet down. The brass has more springback, and the result is likely to be undersized bullets loose in the cases.

The Lee factory crimp die might size the brass just enough.

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