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I had a fellow shooter that is attending this years SS Nats for the first time ask me the question about if a competitor uses a Springfield Armory 1911 and wins their classification do they still win a Springfield 1911.

I know that in years past this was the case, but looking at this years website there is no information about this.

He had also asked about whether or not a competitor had to register the firearm somehow, and had to be present if this was still the case.

Like if you were shooting on Thursday or Friday

Anyone know?

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I can't say if anything has changed for this year. In the past, here's how it worked.

There were several guns built by custom gunsmiths. These went to the highest finishers who were shooting a Springfield. There were also factory guns on the prize table for winners of their class, senior, lady, etc. You didn't have to shoot a springfield to win one of these guns. Since Dick Heinie is the match director, I assume he will be continuing this tradition, but it is only an assumption.

At registration, there is a place on the form for the make of gun. I think it also asks for the SN, but I cannot be 100% sure.

I assume that if you weren't present at the awards ceremony a prize would be set aside for you, but it might be what was left over at the end of the day. (This is just an assupmtion.) The best bet would probably be for the competitor to contact the MD directly with his questions.

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