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How do I convert it for her


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My wife wants to expand into 3 gun. I need to take one of my spare rifles and change the A2 stock to something adjustable for her. There was a thread on the subject but I cannot seem to find it. Currently the rifle has Jp lightned BCG and buffer and adj. gas block.

What quality adjustable stock, should I consider? what spring and buffer would be best with this set up.


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You were probably referring to the posts on the ACS and UBR stocks. They are in different price categories but both are good, adjustable stocks. I use the ACS on all of mine. You will need to go to a carbine buffer tube/buffer.

The link is here:




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fantastic, thank you. I will check out the ACS and UBR, she needs a stock that will help with a positive cheek weld.

I very much enjoy my ACS stock on my M&P15. Big improvement over the factory stock. ACS is cheaper than the UBR. That being said, I'm looking at a UBR on a build sheet for a new JP. B)

Lots to like about the ACS, in my less experienced view. Mine is very solid when locked down, as designed. Good luck to both of you!

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