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Revolver and Single Stack same loads?


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I have been messing with my USPSA major PF revolver loads in my 1911.

I'm not as happy with tossing brass all over the range and making metal parts slam back and forth.

It is entertaining to shoot the beast since I took the Marvel 22LR conversion off after our bullseye league ended.

Do any of you have any experience with what change to expect with power factor when comparing a five inch 625 and a five inch 1911? I'm guessing its a wash between the longer barrel and cylinder gap on the 625 and the shorter length of the 1911.

I'm using a 230 grain cast bullet that gives me a 175 PF out of the 625 if it means anything.

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I load for like 12 different 45acp's, with the exception of my dads old Bullseye gun, they all get fed the same load which makes major in my well worn 625. My single stack loads are a good deal hotter than they need to be. lol

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With a Match Grade 1911 Barrel I usually see about 30 f/s more than with my 5" Revo.

BUT you can see 30 f/s, or more, between identical guns also, so you just never know.

Safe bet is to start with working up the load in the Revo and then checking it in the 1911.

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