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What class with these guns

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Really new to 3 gun. Never shot in 3 gun before, but my son and I would like to try it. I currently have -----

LT 308 obr. With variable scope

40 sw walther

Benneli m1

What class if any can I shoot in with these guns?

Also do you have to be 21 to participate? My son is 20

Thank you

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Sounds like tac scope or tac iron to me.

Your son can shoot, but you have to be with him because he cannot have a pistol on his own!

We had a shooter that was 11 on the first 2 days of RM3G last year and 12 on the last day! :goof: His brother, sister and dad shot with him!

He needs to be safe, but you do too!


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If he came to one of my matches we wouldn't turn him away because of his age. I have quite a few regular shooters who are on Active Duty, and several of them are under 21. I am not up to speed with all the laws in all the places but as other posters have said, we only need a parent if your under 18.

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Actually, you have not gotten completely correct info so far. It all depends on the specific match and the rules they are following, or writing or borrowing and then modifying.

Some matches (Iron Man and Texas MG for instance) run what is called Heavy Tactical. You have a pretty good set-up for that class. Shooting a .308 in some matches, in Tac-Scope will lower your placement a tad due to recoil and ammo capacity.

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None of what you have listed are open division guns in any match I know about. You have to read the requirements of each match you plan to attend to see which division(s) you may fit in, then decide which one you want to shoot in.

Jump on in the pool, the water is fine!!!!!

If you are shooting a local match, just show up with what you have & ask the match director which division you fit.


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