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My New 5" SVI Sight Tracker


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I picked this gun up from a Enos member, who answered my add in the classifieds.

The gun is currently at SVI where Brandon has fit a brand new slide and gain twist barrel along with refinished the gun!

I will be driving down to pick it up from the factory in a weeks time. I can barely wait..

Here is a picture Brandon sent me!


The service at SVI really is second to none... I can't thank them enough.

More pictures to come!

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i told you that add would work. i got 7+ guns offered to us when we made one. and we bought 2 of them.

Yea you did! I was a little hesitant at first, I didn't think there were many to be had.. I got quite a few offers though, I was very surprised.

There are a lot of good guys here.

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I guess I should have posted an ad...

I just basically built this exact gun and paid for it in full up front so I could get it in 9 months vs. 1 year. WIsh I would have found this one. ONLY difference is mine doesnt have a rail cut, and the grip/trigger i guess.

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