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Baseplates for a Para Big Hawg


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When dropped, or fully loaded. It's my new carry gun, or it will be, soon - I have finally accepted that the only thing I shoot decently is a double-stack 1911 of some kind.

Are the Mec-Gar mags better? Which Dawson baseplate should I go with for maximum reliability?

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The mec-gar mags hold 1 less round, so I never owned any. I think Dawson only makes base pads that increase capacity,which would make your carry gun heavier. But, then you would have 18 rounds of 45acp in a mag. :devil: The DP basepads are also very sturdy, I've dropped mine on concrete floors probably 1000 times with no damage or ever come open.

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I don't know specifically about the hog, but I have several P16 limited pistols. I bought a bunch of Mecgar mags for the P16. They do hold one less round than stock. The DBP will not work with the Mecgars because the Mecgars are slightly shorter. Outside of this limitation, Mecgar has been the only 3rd party magazine for pistols I have been happy with. They are well made and I think they OEM mags for many different pistol manufactures.

For my Para mags, the DBP have been awesome, very good product.


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Well, I think Mec-Gar now makes the mags for Para - at least, the Para mag I just received from Dawson had "Made in Italy" on it, and the coating seemed the same...

W. the 140MM Dawson base pads, I could only get 16 into the mags - both my old ones, and the new one - but the new one was reloadable w. 16, and the old ones were not.

I tried filing any edges off the followers - should I try to actually remove material instead of just smooth some rough edges?

Not really too worried, that's still quite a bit of 45 caliber BBs...

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