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anyone ever had to do this when fitting an ambi?

Mat Price

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I have only fit a couple ambi safties on 2011 guns. I bought a wilson to fix my broke ambi. I have never had to remove material from the y axis before. Its seems as though it is too long to fit in the frame or needs material removed more towards the outer part where the thumb would go. I guess i am trying to say it bottoms out on the sear and will not allow the body to fit flush against the frame. how do I fit this.

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lol sorry man I was to busy filing... But I got it now. It went in fine with out the sear and dis. it needed alot of material removed just to pass in front of the sear. First one i ever had that needed that much material removed off it. now I am just removing the material off the top of the safety to it has full engagement when it locks in the slide notch. Alomst done...

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