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I use the Bladetech DOH with the same front sight. You can either get it through Bladetech's site or Shooters Connection. For the Comp-Tac, you can go through their site or Midway. I would post links, but I do not have enough posts yet.

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Do you have product numbers or model numbers on both brands of holsters. And I checked all around here and everybody only carries blackwawk brand so who on the internet is a good place to go

I have two Blade-Tech holsters and order them on-line. I use the Revolution Series model for both my full size and Pro pistols. Going on six seasons with them, no wear on the pistols.


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you should at least consider the G-code holster, especially if using it for IDPA/IPSC shooting. The G-code holsters allow the butt of the gun to stick out a bit more than the Comp tac, Blade tec lines, which allows for a quicker draw. It is very well priced also.

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B.A. Custom Kydex dropped and offset. Attaches to the belt with Tek Lok so you can adjust up or down, as they are prior to any adjustment the back of the gun is above the belt. Cant of the pistol is adjustable with just drilling a new hole and moving a screw. And with their new designed offset it puts the gun just under the max 2 inches from the inner belt.

They are offering 2 different styles a USPSA cut holster which has the ejection port cut out for a faster draw or a 3 gun version which offers better protection of the pistol and finger adjustable retention screws.

They are a start up company but willing to work with folks on what they want and need out of a holster.

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