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3 gun ?


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i know of one guy that does all the time. 1911's are all that he owns, and never saw the point of changing. I see newer people use what they have as well, then figure out what they need/want to play the game. Those that are out to have fun, shoot what they own.

I have never done it, but would with my Trojan and 10 rd mags.


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I do. I mainly shoot Heavy Metal but have used my 1911 when I was shooting Limited. Depending on the rules of the match, you are not at a huge disadvantage most places. Some matches allow one A hit to neutralize, so you can manage ammo on close targets. It is only where there are more than ten rounds required from a standing location (at the end of a long multi gun stage, you will sometimes face this with the pistol) that I feel I am at a disadvantage.


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I shot FB3G and BRM3G in tac/optics with a single stack and 10 rd mags, never felt it was a disadvantage. I sometimes shoot my STI, but I shoot the 1911 better, so I try to just stick with it. Most arrays are not a problem with 11 rds in the gun.

I also mostly shoot He Man, so it is no big change.

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