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Use of Hasty Sling?


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I'm curious if anyone here uses a hasty sling during action shooting? We shoot what amounts to Steel Challenge stages with both pistols and rifles. We shoot one at a time. Timer begins when we are fully ready and ends when we hit the stop plate. We shoot from one position -- we don't move around.

I'm thinking about making a simple sling out of nylon webbing and using it as a hasty sling with my rifle. It seems like it would help keep the rifle very stable without effecting my ability to twist my body.

Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks.

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As long as you don't need to reload, hasty feels way more stable to me.

Good point. No, no reloads.

The elevation of the targets changes very little as well so the sling probably wouldn't be too restrictive. It would probably help to keep my body in the correct position.

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