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Hey all, Just thought I would dive in and take some pointers. This is my first time using video. I realize its a great tool for self improvement so I hope to use it a lot more. I accidentally broke the power button so only got my first three stages. I guess I am too new of a user to post links so I hope I don't violate any rules. Just gotta add the www to the front


Stage 3 I got to shoot again and fixed some things and was two seconds faster. Stage 2 I also fixed my speed issue and shot fine on the second go around. Stage 1 had a weird middle port and offered some tactical decisions. The video shows the first way I shot it and it was at 13.07. The second time I shot it I just used the slim gap of the middle port and did not enter the port but my time was in the 13.90's range.

Anyways, thanks for the honest critiques.

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Here is what I see.....

Since the video is from a first person perspective I can't make a recommendation as to how good or bad your movement or foot work is through the stage. But I can give some advice on your stage plans.

Stage 3 - Why push the envelope on not doing a reload when you have plenty of time to get it done when moving from the second shooting position to the third? Having extra rounds in the mag for make ups will allow you to shoot more aggressively and confidently. When you enter the last shooting position you try to engage the steel on the move. There is really no advantage to doing this since that shooting position is the end of the stage. It would be better to haul ass to the last shooting position and then finish the stage from a static shooting position. The other thing that you could have optimized is to shoot all of the steel at once even waiting for the hidden back one to expose its self. You waste more time in transitions going away from and back to the last popper verses waiting .20 more for the front steel to fall out of the way. You wasted at least a second and a half by transitioning away from and back to the steel. If I shot the stage I would have hauled ass to the middle then engaged the far right targets first as I was settling into a solid stance. By the time my stance was settled I would be transitioning to the steel then finish on the left paper targets. Lastly you can see where you are getting into the shooting position THEN raising the gun to shoot. The gun should be up and ready to shoot BEFORE you get into the shooting position that way you can start shooting as soon as the target becomes visible.

Stage 1 - Without being able to see the shooting angles of the targets its hard to say for sure, but think you may have shot this stage in the wrong order at the end. Since you had to worm your way into the second shooting position then get back out that takes a lot of time. On those kind of shooting positions I prefer to make those the last shooting position. So I would have probably shot the right targets second, then wormed my way back into the middle shooting position to finish. When breaking down stages you need to think about how long funky shooting positions take to get in and out of. If you can finish the stage in a funky shooting position then you don't have to get out of it on the clock.

Stage 2 - How did you know you missed the target from the first shooting position? Did you call the miss or did you look at the target and see that there was a miss? You need to call your shots all the time. Its very easy to get sucked into looking at the targets instead of the sights when the targets are close. Always stay on your sights so you can call your shots and know that you have your hits without needing to look at the targets.

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Thanks for the response Cha-Lee I appreciate it.

Stage 3. Yeah I re-shot the stage and hit the steel in a static position which was much better. The steel transitions I thought would be faster but weren't so you were are definitely right in that . As for my moving into positions.... I used a reference point on the ground to stop for the second set of targets, so I wonder if I am breaking down my reference point into "moving into position" and then "raising the gun" where maybe it should be "raising the gun while moving into position". I'll definitely have to work on that thought.

Stage 1. The middle port could be shot from about a 3" sliver, but they were headshots. The local GM did it that way and it was in the 11's. I tried it but I don't think my shooting abilities are at that level so I was about a second slower. I will definitely consider that tactic though.. finish on a potentially static position.

Stage 2. I called my shots on that. There was a box on that first position and I fell out of it toooo quick which was why I had two M's. Both on the second shot of each target over the shoulders. I got a little rambunctious.

Thanks again. I am gonna add those tips to my checklist

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