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Special cleaning for Montan Gold bullets?

Mike in CT

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Hello all,

I have been using Montana Gold pistol bullets for the my pistols for the last year.

I was talking to a friend that reloads .223 for his AR and he was saying that since the Montana Gold bullets are brass jacketed instead of copper there is a special process to clean the barrel.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Fact or fiction?



(getting ready to reload rifle for the first time)

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I've gone through about 3500 of them in my Glock 34.

I may have cleaned the barrel with a brush 1-2 times but never had any brass buildup.

I guess if you have had copper deposits in the past you might have something to worry about.

Barrel cleaning, at least for a Glock using jacketed bullets, is overrated.

David E.

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Good info.

My friend had just said something to the effect of "with brass bullets comes special cleaning needs"

I have never had any problems in my pistols and after reading the replies do not expect anything special with my rifle,


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