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New Guy from Central Ohio


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As the title says Im new to the forum. I've been looking to get into three gun and reading up on it. I'm completely new to guns in the past year. I picked up a Glock 17 and a hand-me-down bushmaster this past summer. Now I'm in the middle of a new AR build and have a ton of set up questions.

It would also be cool to figure out if there are any gun clubs in the Columbus or Dayton area, and possibly try a competition. Anyway, hello forum. It's been one year and I'm still addicted :)

~ Joe C

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On top of pistol matches in USPSA, Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol, IDPA, Cowboy, and .22 rimfire bowling pins, etc....the Circleville club will run 3 or 4 matches for 3gun this year.


Rayners Range (south of Zanesville) does a variety as well. http://www.raynersrange.com/

I'll let some others share what else is going on.

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