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Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!

Who welcomed you first to the Forums ?

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I just realized that I have been asking questions and giving questionable advise for a long time on the forums. I was reminded recently of how nice it feels to have a first post taken seriously and answered with respect, and even some advise for future use. Even if that advise is a one word "Search". Alot of times humor plays a big role in a first time answer. The Forum people have always come through. My first encounter involved Sarge who for some reason changed his name to Kevin then back to Sarge. Do any of you remember who helped you first or gave you a memorable answer in the beginning? Let these people know that you appreciated it. Of course all the age challenged are given bad memory excuses for not answering. :D

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Brian Enos....I was an off and on lurker and then posted about calling my shots for the first time. I mentioned the part in Brians book about calling shots and how it helped me do this for the first time. He responded to my post and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. OMG the man himself acknowledged my post!!!

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Chriss Grube -- who was nice enough to mentor me through my first major about a month or so after I found the forum.....

Some cat named Flexmonkey -- who should not be allowed to drive golf carts with folks named Steve as passengers....

Probably half the mod team.....

And of course Brian! :D :D

There have been a lot of good folks who passed through these forums, some only stayed for a short while, some recently came out of lurking, some have been here since the beginning, some I've met in person, or been lucky enough to shoot a match or three with, some I've only known through these pages.....

Folks here have helped me with everything from a shooting problem, to the mundane (what tires to put on the truck, who to hire to install a patio door) to the urgent (free advice on what questions to ask/what concerns to have during a family member's medical crisis).....

I came to see what I could learn about shooting competitively, because Brian was the only one of the cats on the videotapes to have a real web presence, and even better a forum. While Brian's enough -- the rest of you make this a far richer universe than I ever could have imagined in May 2001......

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I don't remember who first 'validated' my presence here by offering a response to my questions. Fact is, in my case, it wasn't any one person. Depending on the nature of my inquiry I got (and have gotten) feedback from a wide variety of members. And that's what is so cool about this place. The most obscure question will drag someone out of the woodwork who's an expert on that subject. And they offer their advice without condescension or ridicule.

I can say that once I became a Mod I've received a huge amount of help from folks that have sent me PM's saying, "Have you seen THIS shit?!!?!" We can't be everywhere all the time, and members who have steered me to issues that needed attention have been invaluable. You know who you are, and you have my sincere thanks.

I also don't know who will be the next 'authority' to answer a question I have, but I know where to ask it.


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I have no idea. :unsure:

In 2002 I bought a used Glock and had a question about some trigger parts. Not wanting to ask at a certain forum, I searched for forums with Glock sections. I found this place and posted my questions. I got the answers I needed, but most of what was on the site wasn't applicable to me so I didn't stick around.

Around 2008-2009 I started playing "gun games" and was pointed to this forum by someone. When I tried to join up I found I couldn't… because I was already a member. :D

I logged in and found my old post. "That was this place?" lol

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