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Lee FCD with cast lead bullets


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I've only been reloading a little while now and have a question.

I'm shooting an M&P 40c. I cast my own bullets with Lee's 175 grain 6 bullet molds. Right now, my loads are 4.2g of WST, 1.140 OAL using a Lee 4 hole Classic Turret Press. I have the 4th hole setup with a Lee FCD. I've read that you shouldn't use the FCD with lead bullets and I've read you can. Which is right and why?


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My understanding is that the FCD will undersize the lead bullet, as lead is usually sized .001 or .002 larger than jacketed. But the FCD will size it down to jacketed specs and the lead will not rebound. Then you will get leading. I use my FCD to size my brass before loading with the bulge buster kit or just take the FCD top off and use it with a pusher from a sizer die. I seat and crimp in two steps using two seating dies. When I crimp I just use a very light crimp.

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I stopped using mine. I think it causes more problems then it solves. With plated bullets, it would cut the plating and the bullets would tumble. I now run all my brass though a Redding push thru die which negates the need for the FCD.

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