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Returning to the fold after 15 years hiatius (DFW-Texas)


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Been shooting since the 1970s (Houston - still have my night owls tee shirt) Moved to DFW Shot though the 80s and 1990s .. Had to take a break in mid 1990s due to rising lead levels and the expected birth of our first child. (stuff like that tends to reset ones priorities) But I'm back now.. Haven't shot a match in ~15 years. But I think I still remember which part makes the bang sound..

Look forward to catching up with friends old and new soon.

See you on the range.

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Welcome back! Bring your gear this Saturday -

Small chance I can make this one .. I've got an engagement with a injection pump and my truck on Friday .. If things go well I'll be out there .. if not, I will be busy cursing at it on Saturday.

I look forward to catching up with you folks soon .. just sent you a paypal to join the club.

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