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IPSC Rifle advice


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Hi everyone.

I will compete in IPSC Rifle here in Sweden. I will buy a VZ-58 from CSA and they have it in .223 or 7.62x39.

I know the accuracy from .223 since my time in service here, but I haven´t tried out to shoot the 7.62x39, only .308Nato before.

I know I can load the 7.62x39 to major pf with 147gr bullets and I also know the rifle will work with it, but I need some advices in if the handling differencies is worth the extra points I get shooting major.

We do have papertargets on matches here in Sweden up to over 300 yards and steel up to sometimes over 350 yards.

So I need some advice in decision which caliber to choose from, since the cost for the rifle is the same.


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