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Looking at Google Maps, it looks like there is a hub of hotels, restaurants, and shopping just north of the range. My wife is probably going to the 3GN match with me, are there things to see or do that would justify spending an extra day in the area? Any other info on the area?

Looking at the website, it looks like a nice range.


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There's tons to do there. Your minutes away from Old Town St Augustine, the Fort, shopping, great beaches, whatever. My wife and kids went over there with me for the weekend while I shot back to back matches there. Great family venue while you shoot.

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Just got back from there this weekend. A buddy and I went over for the USPSA RO class. We stayed at the Wingate but there are several motels only a couple of miles from the range. Book early as ours was full and the clerk said that happened EVERY weekend. Our rate went up $5 a night just waiting a week to book. Pretty nice Gander Mountain Store and a couple of (tourist trap) "Outlet Malls" but we saw no deals. I will be heading back there at some point for an "Appleseed" and that was one of the reasons I wanted to check the Ancient City range out. Pretty nice ranges although I don’t think I got to see everything. There was a big Cowboy match on Saturday and a Girls with Guns calendar photo shoot on Sunday. The photo shoot was interesting and only slightly distracted me from the RO class. Oh, for pure strange I think the "Ripley Believe it or not" museum is over there. The kids might like that.

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