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Is Dillon's 650 press worth it? !

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If possible look at the 1050, after last weeks batches of .45 on the 650 and .223 on the 1050, the 650 is going out the door to be replaced with more 1050 stuff, the 1050 is such a pleasure to run

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I bought a 650 a couple of months back, Im afraid i have done some modifications...

The best one so far is drilling a hole in the primer shoot, and fitting a plastig film cannister to the shoot to stop new primers going on the floor.

I guess i cant help but tinker.. Also sardine tin shims under the tool head to stop it lifting. Oh, and a lee pro 100 case feeder...And a lighter spring under the shellplate.

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I'll make this short, a friend of mine and I purchased a Dillon 650xl. February 2018...everything, cost us about $4000.....first primer tubes had a problem...Dillon obviously as a source problem with them..Dillon blames primer companies so it got us in between...we went through at least 20 tubes...primers got stuck all 9mm...plus calling Federal and CCI


After writing and calling Dillon... I am sure they got annoyed...but the end result.....the primer tubes were terrible..Dillon obviously had a source problem..because I believe they were  made in China....


The takeaway....we made about 6000 rounds in 5 months.....terrible output......Dillon customer service is like calling Comcast....I work, my friend is retired..he spent tons of hours on this trying to make this work....I go involved in the admin part....this took tons a hours also....I gave up on Dillon 650xl reason....reminds me of GM Vega!!


I have more than a few years of college...this product is/ was terrible....the in words of Dillon "if you are not a tinkerer, maybe this isn't a good product for you"....this is absolutely the opposite what Dillon states concerning this product....


The Dillon 650 xl  is  not easy...it's terrible....some may refute this statement...fine...but my experiences with the Dillon 650 Xl product is not good......so I will sell the blue piece of lead just to get it out of my site..


Before you buy a Dillon product please look at others.....Dillon has great marketing.....sort of reminds me of GM and Ford in 1970's 1980's that made terrible products..but there marketing was great...



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