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How is this kind of stippling down on a metal frame


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Back when I was gun plumbing, I had a block of steel tig welded on the tang of P9's then machined, ground, sanded, polished everything that didn't look like what I wanted. I made the tail much more upswept than the one pictured.

You need someone that's really good with a tig welder, to make sure there are no voids, and espcially bits of tungsten in the weld.

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the smith's name is Richard Fletcher out of Lexington, VA .


I was doing a google search for how to add a beavertail to a Browning Hi Power so you don't get hammer bite.

I was hoping to find some pics of a smith tig welding a beavertail on and then showing the blending/shaping steps.

Try Robar. I owned a BHP custom from them I bought from Crabby here on the forum. It is the one gun I have sold that I really regret selling.


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