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Classifier Averages per Stage & Rank?


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the classifier match is basically a 90 round stage. to make master, you basically have to average out to just about 1.03 rounds fired per second ASSuming you score all perfect zero down hits. I think the fastest cutoff for Master is 88 seconds. I think???

so extrapolate that average of 1.03 rounds fired per second to each string. so now you know the absolute slowest you can shoot each string in, or at the least what pace you have to keep, or beat.

each stage consists of 30 rounds.

let's assume with points down and your raw time together, that stage 3 eats up the full 30 seconds.

so raw time wise....just strictly raw time wise, you are going to have to shoot stage 1 and stage 2 in like 20 seconds each, RAW TIME. so that leaves you with like a mass of 9 points down on each stage to make it under the 88 second bar. granted if you have faster raw times for stage 1 and stage 2, that leaves you with more wiggle room with respect to points down in those stages, it also leaves you more room for points down in stage 3, if you need them.

here is Ben Stoeger's classifier video here, for inspiration:

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I cannot post a link but if you go to the IDPA forum and look in the IDPA Tips N' Tricks section halfway down the first page there is a thread called Analysis of a Classifier. Post #12 has a spreadsheet in it that is probably exactly what you are looking for.


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I posted something on the IDPA forum a while back about this. I'll repeat it here to see if it helps with your question.

I have seen breakdowns for making Master but since most IDPA shooters are not at that level yet I put together some numbers to making SSP EX. I started this to help a friend make the jump and thought I would post it here for others. I developed it from a good Master breakdown, my own times and reviews of multiple people shooting just below 120 seconds. I believe the times to be very reasonable and the points down pretty loose. Any improvements in time or accuracy will of course help but this gives a starting point. Let me know what you think.


String1: 1.75 Draw to first shot (D1)+.35 split to second shot+.75 split to head = 2.85sec

String2: Same = 2.85

String3: Same = 2.85

String4: 2.5 D1+1.0x5 splits for heads = 7.50

String5: 2.0 D1+.75x2 splits for weak hand = 3.50

String6: 2.5 D1+.35x2 +3.0 slide lock reload to first shot (SLR-1)+.35x2 = 6.90

String7: 2.0 D1+.65x5 splits for strong hand = 5.25

Time = 31.70

Points down = 10

Total = 36.70


String1: 2.5 D1+.50x5 = 5.00

String2: 2.0 D1+.40x5 = 4.00

String3: 3.0 D1+.40x5 + 3.0 SLR-1 + .40x5 = 10.00

String4: 2.5 D1+.75x5 = 6.25

Time = 25.25

Points down = 10

Total = 30.25


String1: 3.0 D1+1.0x5+ 4.0 Reload to first shot +1.0x5 = 17.00

String2: Same + 2.0 for movement = 19.00

String3: 3.0 D1+ .75x5 = 6.75

Time = 42.75

Points down = 20

Total = 52.75

Total time = 99.70

Total points = 40

Total Score = 119.70

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I find that a lot of shooters forget the Zero Circle is near the top of the target when they take the longer shots, so they aim at the center of mass, everything hits low, some even think it is bullet drop, not point of aim...

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