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Tips for improvement...start with a good teacher!

Tom Brannon

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I heard the did pistol competion at Bud's, so singed up for a few lessons from Cory Estill. He walks you through each step and teaches you to be a better shot. had to laugh at myself... I think my sight are off, Cory put two on the target touching. So for me the best tip: Get a good teacher and learn from them so you don't make mistakes that cost you points. :cheers: most of all have fun!

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Any good teachers around central Alabama that you could recommend??


I recommend Frank Proctor in Alabama. I was fortunate to have him as the lead instructor for few .mil classes I attended. I'm posting a link to his website below. You can read his bio there, which shows he can do both "tactical" and competitions. (He's also an excellent long range rifle instructor.)


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