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Rio Salado: Multi-Gun/Long-Gun Matches In February

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Here is what we have in store for you at Rio Salado during February:

Tactical Shotgun and Pistol Caliber Carbine Match: Wednesday February 1st

A tactical shotgun and pistol caliber carbine match will be held on the first Wednesday this month on the pistol bays. Shooter meeting at 3:45pm, registration starts at 4pm with last signup at 6pm. Match Fee is $14.00 for members or $16.00 for non-members. New shooters should come in time to attend the New Shooter Orientation just after 4pm before they shoot. The match format will be practical scenario-based and similar to what you would encounter at a 3-gun match, except that you only need to bring one gun - you choose either shotgun or PCC. There will be separate divisions for shotgun (Open, Limited and Pump) and carbine (Optic and Iron). Any tactical shotgun suitable for 3-gun competition will work well in this match, or you can shoot a pistol caliber carbine (straight walled pistol calibers only please - .22LR is OK). Check out the match rules for more details. Also, check out this

of a recent match.

Multigun/3-Gun Match: Saturday February 11th

A multigun match will be held on the second Saturday this month. Registration starts at 8am with last signup at 9:30am; register at the Practical Pistol stat shack. Match Fee is $14.00 for members or $16.00 for non-members. New shooters should come in time to attend the New Shooter Orientation at 8:30am before they shoot. We run this match under these IMA rules. To get a feel for what to expect, check out these videos from our previous matches. Our usual format is 3 short-range shotgun and/or rifle stages, plus 1 long-range rifle stage. We usually try to include a small amount of pistol too so folks can practice their transitions, but this is always optional. Bring 150 rounds of rifle ammo, 50 shotgun birdshot (#6bird or smaller), 25 rounds of buckshot (12ga=00, 20ga=#3buck) and a few boxes of shotgun slugs just in case.

A few of you are already following us on Twitter (@RioSalado3Gun). Sign up to stay informed of all the latest match news. Coming to multigun matches can be daunting for a first-time participant, but rest assured you are completely welcome no matter your skill level or equipment - just take it easy and concentrate on being safe for your first match. SinistralRifleman has written a great primer for newbies. If this is your first time trying multigun, just bring whatever kit you have - DO NOT SPEND ONE RED CENT ON NEW EQUIPMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE A MATCH UNDER YOUR BELT. If you are short of equipment, there is usually someone willing to loan you something to get you through the match. Anyone who wants me to walk them through their first match, stage by stage, just shoot me an IM and I will be more than happy to do so.

Tactical .22 Rifle Match: Tuesday February 14th & 28th

The "tactical" .22 rifle/carbine matches will be held on two Tuesdays this month, starting at 5:30pm with last signup at 7pm. Match fee is $7 for members or $10 for non-members. Location is the Smallbore Range right behind the Activity Center. The rules are simple: it's a straight time match with penalties for misses. Pretty much any .22 rifle is OK - the most popular guns are AR15-clones and Ruger 10/22s. We have two divisions: iron sight and optical sight. Our typical match format is two stages shot twice each: two runs on a "long range" stage out to 100yards, and two runs on a short-range hoser stage. Check out this

of a typical match. This match is more fun than a barrel of monkeys... bring a bulk pack of .22LR ammo (you will shoot at least 200 rounds) and enough magazines to hold at least 50 rounds at a time, and you will leave with a smile a mile wide.
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