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Anyone willing to be a mentor/coach/guide this year


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My work is such that I can only attend the Bianchi every other year. Now that he's competed in the Bianchi once I do not want my junior shooter to miss just because I can't be there with him. My wife is ok with taking him, but it would be nice to have a shooter type that could help squire him along. My main concerns are making sure he doesn't forget the little things, ie;when to reload, positioning of his body on the mover, watching for the barricade targets to turn, things along those lines. We will practice a lot before the Cup, we have the complete course at a friends house, including mover, so I'm not too worried, but it would be nice to have someone to "hold his hand", so to speak.

William regularly shoots at home, participates in both local and Area/Section USPSA matches, plus the Masters and Pro-Am, and has a very good attitude, both towards coaching and being safe.

I don't want this to in any way interfere with your own match, or be a distraction to that, so think before you leap, lol. If we end up doing it without assistance, we'll get by just fine, and if he forgets something important(and my wife will have notes), it'll be a valuable lesson in preparedness. Greg

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